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Surf School Lanzarote

Surf School Lanzarote

Welcome to Surf School Lanzarote and Surf School Sri Lanka. We know we offer the highest standard of coaching at all levels with amazing instructors and excellent accommodation. Also you can  use our online Coaching Videos to help you at all your various surfing levels.

Check out the super positive feedback from our clients. Thanks to all of you who submitted videos, surfed and coached with us.

In the words of surfing legend Richard “Dog” Marsh, past Australian Champion and Pipeline Masters finalist and Billabong senior coach…..

‘I feel this is the best coaching system I’ve seen. Tim’s taken it to the next level. Only someone of 35 years plus of coaching experience could be expected to do this’

‘Dog’ is thought of as one of the world’s greatest surfing coaches and looks after some of the best surfers in the amateur and professional circuits worldwide. We thank him for his enthusiasm for what we do.

Experience ‘Europe’s Finest Surf School’

Surf School Lanzarote, Canary Islands is the leading surf school and camp in Europe and regarded as one of the best worldwide. High quality Surf coaching at all levels that’s backed up by over 35 years of continuous technical and professional coaching.  We are open all year and clients can begin their courses on any day.

We know that surfing is fun and surf coaching an amazing profession but we also know that most schools and camps fall way short of the quality learning experience and care we provide our clients. Having fun is a serious business for us. This is Europe’s most experienced school.

We want this site to be a learning tool for you too for you. So check out the coaching videos, what our clients and pro’s say about us and of course what’s been said on Trip Advisor.

If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer we offer you the very best. Also check out our new school Surf School Sri Lanka.

surf school sri lanka

‘I love everything about it, especially the colours made by the mixing of the sun and the water. I guess you could say that I go to the ocean to see God’

Skip Frye
Surfboard design legend