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Welcome to Surf School Lanzarote and Surf School Sri Lanka, part of the Surf Insight group. We offer the highest standard of coaching at all levels with amazing instructors and excellent accommodation based in Lanzarote, the Canary Islands.

If you’re new to surfing why not try a one day starter lesson? Or if you want to really kick start your surfing, book a multi-day course.

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In the words of surfing legend Richard “Dog” Marsh, past Australian Champion, Pipeline Masters finalist, Billabong senior coach. Check out Dog’s profile on the WSL website.

‘I feel this is the best coaching system I’ve seen. Tim’s taken it to the next level. Only someone of 35 years plus of coaching experience could be expected to do this’

‘Dog’ is thought of as one of the world’s greatest surfing coaches and looks after some of the best surfers in the amateur and professional circuits worldwide. We thank him for his enthusiasm for what we do.

If you’re new to surfing check out our Beginner’s page with the chance to book and learn surfing the right way with a multi-day course or just a one day starter lesson at Surf School Lanzarote. Our course members get more in-water and coaching time than any other surf school or surf camp.

Interested in Booking? We know that many of you are looking to advance your surfing to new levels so go to our Intermediate and Advanced Coaching page to find out why Surf School lanzarote is one of the best surf schools as featured recently in the Guardian’s article 10 of the Best Surf Schools in the World. Our school was the only one featured in the Canary Islands.

This unique coaching system is delivered by highly qualified and motivated ISA surf coaches. Our surf coaching systems success comes from our coaches, whose enthusiasm and professionalism deliver this system.

famara beach

Famara Beach

Find out more about the waves we surf and the beautiful village of Famara

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Meet Our Coaches

Get more in-water and coaching time than any other surf school or surf camp.

Dan Jones

Dan Jones

Chief Instructor

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones

Chief Instructor




Surf Course Pricing

Booking is super easy with us and we always tailor our courses to your needs so after checking our site contact us here so we can personalize your course.

Surfing is fun and surf coaching an amazing profession, but we also know that most surf schools and surf camps fall way short of the quality learning experience and care we provide our clients. Having fun is a serious business for us. This is Europe’s and the Canary Islands most experienced surf school.

If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer we offer you the very best surf tuition. So see what our clients and pro’s say about on Trip Advisor and book soon!

Also check out our new school for intermediate and advanced surfers Surf School Sri Lanka.

Half Day Course

half day 2.5 hrs 1 person = €50

1 or 2 Day Course

1 day x 1 person = €70
2 day x 1 person = €138

3 Day Course

3 day x 1 person = €200
3 day x 2 person = €400
3 day x 3 person = €600
3 day x 4 person = €768
3 day x 5 person = €945
3 day x 6 person = €945

5 Day Course

5 day x 1 person = €325
5 day x 2 person = €650
5 day x 3 person = €960
5 day x 4 person = €1,280
5 day x 5 person = €1575

7 Day Course

7 day x1 person = €420
7 day x2 person = €840
7 day x3 person = €1,239

10 Day Course

10 day x 1 person = €600
10 day x 2 person = €1,180
10 day x 3 person = €1755

15 Day Course

15 day x 1 person = €750

Private Surf Lessons 1:1

Full day 2.5 hours 1:1 = €100
3 Day 7.5 hours 1:1 = €270
5 days 12.5 hours 1:1 = €400

Private Surf Lessons 1:2

Full day 2.5 hours 1:2 = €180
3 days 7.5 hours 1:2 = €480
5 days 12.5 hours 1:2 = €750




All Levels

30 Years Experience