Beginner Surf Lessons

Our Unique Surf Coaching System

Booking beginner surf lessons with us gives you the chance to benefit from our unique coaching system that has been refined over 36 years of professional, qualified experience. We keep safety paramount but never hold back your progression and always make learning fun. So if you are wanting to start surfing by taking a course with us or just to have a fun activity day on your holiday do please contact us.

Find out why we are one of the best schools in the world as featured recently in the Guardian’s article 10 of the Best Surf Schools in the World.

We have low pupil to instructor ratios of 1 to 8 and often less and use clear and structured teaching methods that we tailor to your individual needs.

For total beginners, soft surf boards are used at first, then later moving onto fibreglass boards.

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We like to customize your course for you and you can take courses longer than 1 , 3 or 5 days that include a discount on price. Find out more about our prices here.

Our beginner Surfing Courses in the Canary Islands include:

You will learn all the core skills needed to begin safe, successful surfing:

Surf safety

Jump up techniques

Footwork and stance

Core balance techniques

Turning the board

Paddling out and efficient paddling

Paddling technique

Catching and riding unbroken waves

Also, all our beginner surfing courses contain excellent background information that will really expand your surfing knowledge:

Wave formation

The history of surfing

Surfboard design

The rules of surfing

Tides and how they work

Fitness for surfing

Types of surf spots

Surf prediction


“Definitely the best Surf School in Europe, with coaching capable of all standards of abilities.”

From Sarah WhiteleyBritish Squad member World Championships, English Champion, Junior European Champion and British Cup Winner

Ongoing Support for your Surfing

After taking one of our beginner surfing courses we know that you will want to carry on with your surfing journey. In providing a strong basis of safety, technique, practice programmes and development we are unlike any other surf school of surf camp in our back up for your future surfing development.

We encourage all our clients, from beginner onwards, to stay in contact with us after their course. We can then advise you on equipment, technique, surf spots etc.

The coaching relationship with our clients and our high number of return clients for intermediate courses to us is one of the great reasons for our success.

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“The adrenaline rushing through your system is just…. there’s nothing better than that. You can’t explain the feeling if you haven’t been there. It’s better than any kind of drug in the world. Natural. I don’t care what sport it is or what people say, there’s nothing better than surfing”

Matt Archbold
Surfers: The Movie 1990