Intermediate & Advanced Surf Lessons

Taking you to your next surfing level

Our innovative and unique coaching system for intermediate and advanced surf lessons is thought of as one of the best worldwide. As featured recently in the UK’s Guardians article 10 of the Best Surf Schools in the World

Booking with us is a process where we get to know who you are, where you are in your surfing and what you want from the course. That attention to your needs and the ability to really expand your surfing is what makes us so special

We have coached right up to top international competitors and have over 36 years of surf coaching experience at the intermediate and advanced levels of surfing.

Our system focuses on the core skills and techniques of surfing; perfecting the pop up, understanding your balance, acceleration, the mechanics of turning, better paddling and paddle out skills and the keys to catching better waves. Especially we want to be able to advise you on the direction of your future surfing when you leave us. We hope that this will be the start of a future coaching relationship with the school.

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We like to customize your course for you and you can take courses longer than 1 , 3 or 5 days that include a discount on price. Find out more about our prices here.

Developing your surfing technique

Our board selection and design service is unlike any other surf camp or school. Imagine having just the right board being chosen by your own coach? A board that will really help you have more fun and advance in your surfing

If you are just moving onto unbroken waves and your first good turns, or if you’re more advanced and your already trying to perfect manoeuvres , then our coaching will be perfect for you.

We explain techniques clearly and always give you the correct and positive feedback that’s needed. We know we can make a huge difference to your surfing and women’s intermediate and advanced surfing is progressing all the time and our coaching and coaches reflect that too.


“Definitely the best Surf school in Europe, with coaching capable of all standards of abilities.”

From Sarah WhiteleyBritish Squad member World Championships, English Champion, Junior European Champion and British Cup Winner

What you’ll learn…

Women’s intermediate and advanced surfing is progressing all the time and our coaching and coaches reflect that too.

When you’re with us we will cover, at this level….

Perfecting Take Off / Pop up

Acceleration techniques

Core Balance in manoeuvres

Top to Bottom turns

Paddle out techniques   duck dive

Paddling technique

Cut backs, off the lips, floaters

Also, all our courses contain excellent background information that will really expand your surfing knowledge:

Wave formation

The history of surfing

Surfboard design

The rules of surfing

Tides and how they work

Fitness for surfing

Types of surf spots

Surf prediction

Develop your surfing with Surf School Lanzarote

Please check our Surfer Award Scheme to see your level and you can quote this in your inquiry.

Watch this video to find out what clients feel about our Intermediate and Advanced Coaching.

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“Making the wave your friend and your ally is really, really important”

Margo Godfrey Oberg
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