Longboard Surfing Lessons

Taking you to your next surfing level

We have devised a great coaching system for longboard surfing lessons that works for you no matter what your level of surfing is. We coach all types of surfers and we ourselves ride all types of boards. We do know that many of you would like to know about longboarding, riding and gliding on 9’00” plus boards and its skills and techniques.

Many people are attracted to long boarding due to its style and grace, and of course the ability to catch more waves with ease.

We know at Surf School Lanzarote that in fact longboarding often requires more technique and control than conventional shortboarding. Time spent with us will open up these essential techniques to you.

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We like to customize your course for you and you can take courses longer than 1 , 3 or 5 days that include a discount on price. Find out more about our prices here.


For enjoyment, professionalism, and great value, Surf School Lanzarote is the best in Europe.

From Chris Griffiths, 2nd European Professional Longboard, 2 x European Longboard Champion, 5 x British Longboard Champion and 5th in the World Longboard Championships

Teaching you the essential longboard skills

Cross stepping, drop knee turns; nose riding, paddling out, modern longboarding and log riding and many other techniques that make riding a longboard so much fun, are taught here by us.

We have a great range of longboards ranging from modern 9’00 mals to 9’4” and 9’6” nose riders to full gliding 10’00” s.

If you have your own longboard that’s 9’00 or 9 + we know what a nightmare they can be to travel with.  So do feel free to use our range instead.

Check our Youtube coaching channel Surf Insight

Also we will be able to advise you on longboards you may want to ride in the future and of course we are happy to design or choose them for you.

Just tell us, in your enquiries, what you want from your longboarding and we will make sure you achieve it… With Style.

Also, all our courses contain excellent background information that will really expand your surfing knowledge:

Wave formation

The history of surfing

Surfboard design

The rules of surfing

Tides and how they work

Fitness for surfing

Types of surf spots

Surf prediction

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“If you can’t have a spectacular ride, have a spectacular wipeout. It’s good for the sport”

Martin Potter
Pro Surfer