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Prices & Booking

Surf School Lanzarote


Planning your trip

We want to be able to personalize your trip and your coaching with us, these are our prices and booking details. The best way to book is to contact us and ask us about what you want. Talking together and planning your trip is how we work and from the huge numbers of return clients we have and the reputation we have built up, we know this works.

We are open all year round and every day, leaving you free to choose your best flight options. For total beginners, soft surf boards are used at first, then later moving onto fibreglass boards. For our intermediates we have a wide range of fibreglass boards. Or you could bring your own board, we can advise you on this.

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Famara Apartments and Coaching

If you’re staying in the Famara apartments, the course begins the day after your arrival, check out our schedule page for details. We also make sure you’re able to take a rest day during the week. We can easily tailor your number of coaching days and stay in the apartments to suit you and the length of course you choose.

We offer a good discount on singles, groups, families and those wanting more than 5 days coaching.

We do not offer accommodation without a surfing course.

Coming to us from your Accommodation

Many of our clients take the option to drive over to us by rental car, and we will be happy to send directions if you tell us where you are staying. The island is small, well signposted and easy to drive around. We are normally a half hour drive from most places on the island.

Start times may also vary due to conditions but we always notify in advance of any changes.

Clients must inform us by email or text if they are unable to attend on any booked day the evening before or by 8.30am.


Surf Course Pricing

Booking is easy and we always tailor our courses to your needs, these prices are a guide, we offer discounts for groups, families and longer courses.

Accommodation is not included in these prices. We base the costs on whether you are staying in Famara or elsewhere and have your own transport to and from our centre. The prices below are a guide, contact us for a specific price for your lessons as we offer discounts for groups and more than 5 days surfing.

Half Day Course

half day 2.5 hrs 1 person = €50

1 or 2 Day Course

1 day x 1 person = €70
2 day x 1 person = €138

3 Day Course

3 day x 1 person = €200
3 day x 2 person = €400
3 day x 3 person = €600
3 day x 4 person = €768
3 day x 5 person = €945
3 day x 6 person = €945

5 Day Course

5 day x 1 person = €325
5 day x 2 person = €650
5 day x 3 person = €960
5 day x 4 person = €1,280
5 day x 5 person = €1575

7 Day Course

7 day x1 person = €420
7 day x2 person = €840
7 day x3 person = €1,239

10 Day Course

10 day x 1 person = €600
10 day x 2 person = €1,180
10 day x 3 person = €1755

15 Day Course

15 day x 1 person = €750

Private Surf Lessons 1:1

Full day 2.5 hours 1:1 = €100
3 Day 7.5 hours 1:1 = €270
5 days 12.5 hours 1:1 = €400

Private Surf Lessons 1:2

Full day 2.5 hours 1:2 = €180
3 days 7.5 hours 1:2 = €480
5 days 12.5 hours 1:2 = €750

book now

how to book

Our surf course prices include all necessary equipment (we ask you to bring your own light picnic lunch). We are happy to tailor the number of course days to your needs, just let us know what you would like. We regularly work with larger groups and longer courses and will be happy to offer discounts where possible.

Simply email us at, we’ll get back to you with availability and a full booking form.