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Choosing a Surfboard – Part 2

So we found out in part 1 how boards basically worked but what about the whole host of types of boards and designs that abound at the moment and what’s the difference between them all? With names such as Fishes, Mini Mals, Short Boards, Longboards, Fun Boards, Quads...

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Choosing a Surfboard – Part 1

There really never has been a better time to buy a surfboard, in this article we look at what you need to keep in mind when choosing a surfboard. Over the last 10 years at least, shapers and designers have acknowledged that we are not all surfing at the performance...

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Simulation Training for Surfing

In most of our minds surfing is thought of as far more than just a traditional sport, and it’s not unusual when we are coaching to hear people with a fairly negative view of traditional sport or sports coaching. But surfing is booming in many ways and much of this...

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The Rules of Surfing

Learn your manners! Understanding Surfing Etiquette & Localism So not to scare anyone who tried to escape the confinements of the football pitch by becoming a surfer, but there are rules in Surfing. Well, they’re not really rules, more like an unspoken law. A...

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