Surfing in the Canary Islands

For many years the Canary Islands have been a popular destination for many surfers from Europe and further away, using surf camps and surf schools. Blessed with a mild climate and extremely consistent waves nearly all the islands provide excellent year round conditions for surfing in the Canary Islands .

The main islands that provide surf coaching are Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Grand Canaria and Tenerife.

Surf Camps and Surf Schools in the Canaries

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The Canary Islands consistent year round surf is the result of being in the path of all waves generated in the Atlantic and in all seasons, and it’s unusual to see a day where there are no rideable waves. Warm water makes a huge difference too, with most islands keeping a year round temperature that encourages long fun sessions in the sun. So in the Canary Islands there is a huge range of surf schools and surf camps taking advantage of these amazing conditions.

Many of the surf spots are set in some of the most wonderful scenery and there are ideal waves for the absolute beginner to the professional surfer. Also as the Canary Islands have long been know and a tourist destination so that so that there are always lots of choice when it comes to choosing surf camps and surf schools.

Whilst learning to surf you can also explore the island, car hire is reasonable and the island is easy to navigate.

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Learn to Surf in the Canary Islands

One of the longest established and experienced surf schools is Surf School Lanzarote. This school provides a wide range of surf coaching from Beginner surf courses for those who are new to the sport to Intermediate and Advanced surf lessons for those wishing to improve their surfing.

Using the beautiful 6 kilometer beach of Play Famara and set in the incredible scenery of the north west of Lanzarote, Surf School Lanzarote is the perfect place to learn to surf in the Canary islands. The Surf Camp has built up such a reputation that recently it was featured as one of the 10 of the Best Surf Schools in the World.

surf coaching in the canary islands

Surf Lessons in the Canaries

Using its 24 years of coaching experience Surf School Lanzarote has set new standards in the teaching of technique and safety for all levels. People on the courses work in small groups and always receive individual attention, but that attention doesn’t stop at the end of the course. Surf School Lanzarote provides a tailor made board design service and offers training programs and surfing advice on line so when the surfer leaves the learning doesn’t have to stop.

The YouTube channel backs up this involvement with the surfer by giving excellent surf simulation drills that can of course be used at home and more general information about surfing is found on the channel.

caleta de famara, ideal for Surfing in the Canary Islands

As well as beginner lessons and intermediate to advanced surfing lessons specialist Long Board coaching is available as well for those who are interest in this side of surfing and everyone’s surfing development is monitored using a unique ‘surfing Level system.

With a lovely laid back atmosphere in Caleta de Famara Surf School Lanzarote is happy to provide private apartment options in the village. With great local restaurants and stunning views this unspoiled village is a great place to stay, whilst learning to surf in the Canary islands.

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Many people choose to stay in their own accommodation in the village of Famara, or drive over to us from other parts of the island to take their surfing lessons.

So truly deserving their reputation as one of the world’s best surf schools and of course always developing their innovative surf teaching techniques, Surf School Lanzarote leads the way in surf schools and surf camps in the Canary Islands.