The Surf in Lanzarote

The surf in Lanzarote, and particularly the beach at Famara, have some of the most consistent conditions to be found in the Atlantic. Very few surf spots in the world can claim to have surf every day but this is one of the most important reasons for having our school at Famara.

Check our short video and stills of some of our waves and particularly Famara. Waves for all levels.

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the surf in lanzarote

The 6K stretch of sandy beach at Playa de Famara  gives us space, so we can always surf and coach surfing. This beach also picks up every possible North Atlantic swell. In summer we don’t face the N. Atlantic flat spells either as the N.East trade winds give us swell .We may also use the beaches of Playa de Canteria in Orzola and Playa de Garita in Arrieta. These are East coast beaches that work under different conditions.

We do not take you to the most serious reef breaks of our island. This is done out of respect to local surfers and we treasure the excellent relationship we maintain with them. The reefs here are often far too crowded and the nature of many of these breaks too dangerous for most surfers.

“I can’t think of a better place to learn, improve, and just have fun in the warm waters of Lanzarote with the most enthusiastic and professional coaching I have had from Tim and his team. The exhilaration of Surfing is so captivating; it leaves you with a hunger to catch more waves. The five day courses are an excellent way to learn, or improve and become a more than competent surfer with the help of Lanzarote’ s and Europe’s Best Surf School, in a fantastic surfing location.”

From Renee Godfrey, 4 x Welsh Women’s Champion and British Students Women’s Champion.

Tim Jones, Director of Surf School Lanzarote, wrote the most recent Storm Rider Atlantic Islands Guide for Lanzarote – and its well worth reading. Famara beach and our other locations are fun beach breaks and were really happy to be able to use them.

Please ignore some of the “tourist type “reviews of Famara beach. Some are very inaccurate but most are positive, as they should be. We are very blessed to have Famara Beach.

Check the wave predictions on these two sites:

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Magic Seaweed

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“In this crowded world the surfer can still seek and find the perfect day, the perfect wave, and be alone with his thoughts.”

John Severson
Surfer Magazine ,1960