What We Don’t Do!

Surfing and being coached, and for us instructors coaching you, is so much fun and incredibly rewarding. We have lots of clients who have been to lots of other schools. They have all told us we are by far the best. Here are some of things we know happen at schools and camps worldwide and that will not happen here. What we don’t do…

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1. Schools and camps using unqualified and inexperienced and unprofessional instructors. All our instructors are ISA Level1  qualified or higher and professional RLSS Beach Life guards, trained to use a proven coaching system.

2. “Free surfing” by instructors. Instructors leaving the group to surf themselves when they should be coaching and teaching. Our instructors surf to demonstrate and inspire and always in a coaching context.

3. Coaching or teaching huge groups. We stick to our ISA  instructor / group ratios and never teach outside or 1/8 ratio and normally it’s less.

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4. Teaching and coaching groups in ridiculously crowded conditions or using surf spots where conditions are beyond the capabilities of the clients.

5. Giving the same lesson to the same clients time and time again. Our courses evolve over the period that you are with us.

6. Holding back the development of clients with poor quality or inappropriate boards. We advance our clients through a range of top quality surf boards. We are physically NOT all created equal.

7. Concentrating on coaching only the clients with the highest abilities. We coach to our clients own individual learning speed and needs.

8. Baffle you with surf jargon, be “too cool for school” or try to teach you in poor or broken English.

9. Tire you out with too much water time and not enough theory or alternatively talk you to death without enough surfing getting done.

8. Make you sit in buses for hours of end while the instructor’s search for the perfect wave… for themselves.

9. If you’re a beginner, treat you as an “un-cool” non surfer. You’re the one putting the effort in to come and surf and deserve our respect.

10. Make gender or age an issue. Women, men, children, no matter the age, are all coached at our school, with the same care and respect.

11. Force you to book flights based around our schedule. You can arrive on the island and start your course the day after.

12. Recommend only one car hire service when having a choice is always best.

13. Keeping you surfing with no rest day, affecting your enjoyment and tiring you out.  All our courses of 3 days or more have a rest day unless no rest day is requested.

14. Use inadequate or dangerous and uncomfortable transport either from the resorts or to the beach. Our mini buses are kept in excellent condition and you are driven with care.

15. Instructors coaching aimlessly with no goals or format for the sessions. We use the most proven coaching system available.

16. Use the “stand and watch all day” uninvolved coaching found these days in so many schools and on so many beaches. We believe surf coaching is not a Gap Year activity it’s a serious profession. We want and love to teach you.

17. Were not controlled by sponsors, we don’t get financially involved with anything we recommend for you and our owners surf and teach….. All the time!

18. Try to coach you in poor English !

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“Surfers are a new race. I’d like to fully convert them to a free surfing life before society takes them and moulds them into cannon meat or some other role our elders have chosen.”

Paul Witzig
writer and surf film maker 1972